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I've been doing a lot of experimenting with my Glock 20SF and Blue Dot powder with 165 grain Golden Saber's.

Most Accurate Load.
10.4gr Blue Dot, glock factory barrel, New Starline brass, CCI 300 primers OAL, 1.250, 165 grain Golden Saber bullets.
(first three shots at 50' were in the same hole, and I mean the SAME hole)

Max load to date
12.0gr Blue Dot, everything else the same
Glock barrel, 1,285 fps
6" Lone Wolf barrel, 1,425 fps
Neither of these barrels are showing any extreme pressure signs. The brass is showing absolutely no increase in size mic'ing the base before and after each shot.

Gonna shoot a few hundred of these before I try going any higher.
Will work on 180 grain Golden Saber loads until I'm sure the 165gr Max load doesn't throw me any surprises.
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