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Originally Posted by pistolpete10mm View Post
... I'm guessing this load will do about 1250 fps, but I could be off by 50 fps as I have no chrono and none of my shooting buddies have one either. ...

I use these 190 grain Sierra bullets with 10 grain of N105 and this feels like a true 10mm load. I cannot chrono these loads, but I guess I get something around 1150 fps. .....
Well, I recommend to stop guessing about your loads - here's a good chrono at affordable price, seller would send within EU, no problem:
I highly recommend this seller, I have already bought 10mm bullets and brass from him and within 2 weeks he will get 10mm Starline brass again.
It's very good to have chrono, especially if you are 10mm loader.
At least you know if your loads are still too weak for a bear or have already reached desired velocity
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