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I bought one for my birthday this year. (wife is awesome) I got it because of the 1911 like feel and wanted the 'best' I could find.

My emotions are a bit mixed.
1. Love the feel of the gun.
2. the sights that came on it are perfect for me. Wide enough, dots show up well, accurate on target. Metal and seem very sturdy.
3. shoots like a demon!! accurate as can be, stable, recoil very good
4. size is awesome
5. holster that came with the gun is great

now to the mixed part of the evaluation
for the price of the gun... I expect perfection.
The trigger has a bit of grit to it, but I'm an old target shooter and sensitive to this. The trigger is fit for purpose, but I'd like it to be a bit smoother and a bit lighter. When it does break, it's a clean break.

I've had a few no primer strikes and a few light primer strikes. I talked to Sig and of course they gave me the, "what kind of ammo are you using crap". I'd buy that in the light primer strike world, but not in the no primer strike world. I'm sure there is something that is at issue in the firing pin channel with the firing pin block/safety that is not as clean. They said they'd fix it any time if the issue continued, so I'm continuing to shoot it and hope it smooths out and becomes reliable.

In summary, I'm madly in love with the looks, feel and shootability (is that a word?) of the gun. I don't have the confidence to carry it yet. This is my first Sig.
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