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New and Upcoming Wax Test Tube Tests

Well, the hackers messed with our site, so I lost my entire thread. I'm gonna shorten it (maybe) and start it again.

So, now that the whole tornado mess has calmed down, and I have returned to shooting, I have one test result, and several planned ones to share. Here they are, likely in chronological order. I still don't have a chronograph, so sorry for the lack of velocity data.

Test 1:
Factory Winchester Silvertip 175gr

Well, I had a good idea that these would under-perform out of my G29's factory barrel. They had become my new carry round, so I had to test them first. I was worried that the loss in velocity would cause them to not fully expand, since their design was based on the .41Mag/.44Mag Silvertip. They actually did OK. But they fell WAAAAY short of my previous carry load test (Hornady 155gr XTP with max Blue Dot). Go here for the results of that test:

The Factory Silvertip expanded to an average of .701" with a max of .755". Retained mass was excellent @ 172.2gr, or 174.3gr with the three jacket petals which had broken off. The three petals broken off were the only sign of jacket separation. This is on par with the XTP 155gr. Where the Silvertip got completely beat down was penetration. The 155gr XTP passed all the way through the 12" wax tube. The Silvertip stopped at 6"!!!! The wound channel was about .75" wide at its widest (compared to 1.5" for the 155gr XTP). Now, I've read on the Bullet Test Tube's site, and elsewhere, that this material should yield about half the penetration of a human. So it looks like the Silvertip might be good for about 12".

Anyway, this has caused me to build my own Silvertip. See Test 2.

Pics of the Silvertip:

Test 2:
Silvertip with max 800-X or Blue Dot

Because of the mediocre performance of the factory Silvertip, I decided to pull all the bullets and make my own. I believe this bullet has the potential to hit expansion figures of 1"or close, given enough velocity. So, I have loaded some with max loads using both 800-X and Blue Dot. Since I don't have a chrono, I'll test both, likely the 800-X first. I will test it tomorrow and let y'all know how it goes.

Test 3:
Hornady 200gr XTP with max 800-X

A wax test tube of this load will come soon, but see below for a water jug test. I have a feeling I'll need a longer tube (I just extended it to 16").

This load is a BEAST!!! I loaded and shot it at some water jugs (pics and video to follow). It fully penetrated FIVE milk jugs, and was caught in the plastic in the back of the fifth jug. That's penetration. Not only did it penetrate five jugs, but it exploded THREE. Usually, these 10mm bullets will EXPLODE one jug, tear up the second, and penetrate the third. Sometimes the second will explode, but I've never seen the first THREE explode. It shows that these heavy bullets have lots of inertia, and retain energy and velocity. They don't lose velocity and dump their energy quickly like the smaller bullets, but by the same token, their jug explosions are not as spectacular since they don't deposit as much energy. Expansion was standard XTP fare: first bullet average ~.600"/max .650"; second bullet average ~.650"/max .711". No jacket separation occurred. Retained mass was good at 188.6gr and 191.6gr.

Edited to include load data: This is OVER BOOK MAX, so please work-up and be careful!!! This load was as follows: Remington nickel brass, CCI 300 primers, 9.0gr 800-X, Hornady 200gr XTP, COAL 1.260"


Video of shooting:

Test 4:
Modified 155/180/200gr XTP over max 800-X

I noticed that the Silvertips look very similar to XTPs, except that they have a small hole drilled deep into the center of the hollow point. I made a 200gr XTP with such a hole to see what expansion would be like, but when I got to my usual woods shooting venue, I was surprised by an abandoned and burnt up truck. I was so excited that I had a car to shoot up, I accidentally shot my single modified 200gr XTP. ****. A wax tube test will come soon.

Test 5:
Hornady 155gr XTP Max Blue Dot Load (repeat)

I'm going to repeat this test eventually for the simple fact that it absolutely blew the factory Silvertip out of the water. I have no reason to suspect my data or wax tube, as both the 155gr XTP test and the factory Silvertip test were conducted with the same wax (I just melted and reformed it), and the same cardboard tube (taped up for the Silvertip). I have no clue why the XTP would DOUBLE the penetration of the Silvertip. I know the XTPs are supposed to penetrate well, but WOW! Twelve inches through this wax should equate to roughly 24" through gelatin or flesh. Also, the wound channel was twice as wide. I think a repeat is necessary.

There will be other tests in the future, but this is all I have planned for the next week or so. I'll try to get some Gold Dots (155, 165, 180gr), some Nosler 135s, Golden Sabres, and anything else that you guys want to see. I'll keep all of you posted!

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