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I screwed around today and didn't get out to the range to test the custom hot Silvertip, but I will tomorrow morning. I think I might make a second tube tonight so I can test the 200gr XTP, although I like the fact that I've been using the exact same wax material for each test, as it is better for comparable results. I am fairly certain the 200gr XTP will achieve full penetration of the tube, but we will see. I am really excited about the modified XTPs. I know it might not be the best idea to modify bullets, but I think it may make the XTPs more suitable for self defense use.

The fact that my first wax tube test, with the hot 155gr XTP, achieved 12+" of penetration (which should be about 24+" in gel/tissue) is kind of scary if it were intended for self defense duty. I think drilling a small hole down the center of the hollowpoint will allow the bullet to expand further down its shank. It might cause the bullet to fail and rip apart, but I think it will be fun anyway.

I'll have some more results for y'all tomorrow. I'll shoot one of these modified 200gr XTPs at some jugs while I'm out there tomorrow for comparison to the normal XTP. A full wax tube test will be in a few days.

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