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Originally Posted by hubcap500 View Post
BTW, what is distance of gun to target (wax)?
I shoot about 5 feet from muzzle to tube, just so I make sure it's a near perfect center hit.

Originally Posted by hubcap500 View Post
BTW again. Where do you get your cardboard tubes?
You can get shipping tubes from anywhere that sells shipping supplies, like the UPS Store. I just make my own. I just roll up some cardboard and tape it up well.

Originally Posted by MinervaDoe View Post
As long you are doing such an excellent job of photo journalism, is there any chance that you could snap a couple of photos of the wax tube manufacturing process?

I think that it is a late opening round (which I believe benefit greatly from high velocity). Which is also why I think it is well suited to 10mm.
I made a video of the process. It's on YouTube, here:

If there's something that I missed in the video, just ask me a specific question and I'll answer it for you.

From my first test, it actually appears the XTPs open really fast (almost instantly, but then the lead takes a while to peel back, and it is controlled expansion, so it doesn't expand too much. Check out my results of my modified 200gr XTP (info will follow). It was impressive.

Originally Posted by crsuribe View Post
Is there any way you could use photobucket instead of picasa? Picasa is pretty bad and wont load on any of my computers so I can only see the pictures that you didnt post on picasa. Plus photobucket will give you the code so you can embed the pics into your post.
I'll try to use Photobucket, but I've already uploaded them into Picasa. I'll change over to Photobucket in the next day or two.

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