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Originally Posted by MinervaDoe View Post
Very thorough. Thank you.

I didn't realize it was a Mythbusters thing. I guess I haven't been watching it much lately.
Yeah, I didn't realize it was a Mythbuster's thing either. I actually found the recipe on a Mythbuster's forum, and they said that the guys on the show have switched from gel and are using wax instead.

Originally Posted by Kegs View Post
Good info - but are the powder #s missing or did I scan too quickly?
No, I just forgot about the powder numbers. I'll go back and edit my posts to include load data. Sorry, I just got ahead of myself.

Originally Posted by Jitterbug View Post
The performance of the "modified" bullets is drastic. And your experimenting and posting it online is wonderful stuff.


And...I hate it when someone inserts "don't carry re-loads" when discussing duplicating factory CCW ammo or heaven forbid modifying bullets....

With that said I'll insert this link to a response I received when seeking load data for factory loads for a snubbie that I've been recently carrying.

It's sobering and food for thought in case anyone is tempted (as I am) to CCW handloads or modify bullets for said purpose.

Not to derail...continue on with the experiments by all means...just something to seriously consider.
I didn't read the link, but I have read plenty on the subject of carrying handloads. I never intended to carry these modified bullets, it was really just an experiment, although, I will be carrying the handloaded Silvertips. I fully realize the problems with carrying handloads, but I feel that I would rather be well equipped to save my life than worry about a lawsuit that won't be a problem if I can't save myself in the first place. Also, it seems like there have only been a handful of times in actual case law where a good shooting has turned sour for the shooter because of handloads.

I also realize I could just carry Swamp Fox or DT ammo or something, but I've just been spending too much money on other stuff to get around to ordering some. I will eventually get some, and quit carrying handloads, but until then, my handloads are the best ammo to which I have access.
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