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Hornady 200gr XTP Wax Tube Test:

This wax tube test was a 200gr XTP over 8.7gr of 800-X, CCI 300 primer, Rem nickel brass, COAL 1.260". I meant to use 9.0gr, but had shot all of them, and forgot to make another before I went to the range. As always, it was out of my stock G29.

Update: this load chronographed a 10-shot average of 1114fps on 8/4/11.

It performed well. It achieved 12.5" of penetration (which should be around 25" in tissue/water). Expansion checked in at a normal XTP-like max of .679", with minimum expansion of .598". Mass retention was 187.3gr, which is in line with the retained mass of my water jug test (188.7gr for that one). The wound channel was a respectable 1.5" in diameter right after entry, and tapered down to bullet diameter as velocity bled off. As is usual with XTPs, there was no jacket separation.


While at the range, I also tested a modified 155gr XTP in water jugs. I modified it just like the 200gr XTP that I shot the other day. It was drilled with a 5/64" bit to basically double the depth of the hollow point cavity. This was backed with 12.0gr of 800-X (DO NOT USE THIS IN A STOCK GUN!!!). I have no doubt this bullet was traveling in excess of 1350fps, maybe 1400fps. It was hugely explosive in the first jug, but didn't even fully penetrate the second jug.

The combination of the modification and speed basically ripped the bullet apart. It expanded to .803" max, .635" minimum. The jacket fully separated, and only 93.9gr of its original mass was retained. This would not be a good bullet for anything, really. As I said before, DO NOT use this load in a stock barrel. I did, and it was definitely too hot. This was the first reload for me that has ever resulted in a Glocksmile (though it was minor, and only on one of ten). Also, slide velocity was so extreme, the slide was closing on the cases before they could even clear the gun. It ended up crushing about 3 of the 10 cases.


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