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I was in a hurry earlier when I typed the above post, and I forgot to mention that my shot (tube test 200gr XTP) was off center. It caused one side of the tube to blow out, but the bullet stayed in the tube. One thing I find interesting is that the ONLY bullet that has blown the cardboard tube apart was the first test: the Hornady 155gr XTP. The rest of the tests have not resulted in a damaged cardboard tube. I think this is a good example of energy transfer, hydrostatic shock, or stopping power (whatever you want to call it). Velocity is the key to energy.

That test also showed the most massive internal wound cavity, and as I've seen, the cavity shrinks over time. I didn't cut that tube open for about 1 hour after shooting it. The Silvertip tubes waited about 2 hours. I will repeat both of those tests soon and cut them open immediately (as I did with this last 200gr XTP).

In the absence of a chronograph, it seems the 155gr XTP load was the best in terms of massive energy deposit, but with a chance of over-penetration (I'm still having a bit of trouble believing its 12+" of penetration, so a retest is coming). The reloaded Silvertip seems a close second in energy, first in expansion, with good penetration. I believe it will be the best carry round here. I wish I could get a hold of some 155gr Silvertips, as I believe they would be monster rounds for SD. The 200gr XTP is clearly the penetration winner, but expansion is a little mediocre. That, however, is the trade-off you must make for penetration.

I am excited to see my modified 200gr XTP test, which will be done either tomorrow or Thursday. I will test a 180gr XTP as soon as I find some (should be soon). But for the next few tests, expect the modified 200gr XTP, and the repeats of the 155gr XTP and Silvertip. I'll test more bullets as I find them.
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