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Ok, first let me start by saying, DAMN!!! THEY REMOVED THE TRUCK!!! I was SOOOOO pissed. I had about ten jugs and a wax tube, three different weights of XTPs, some Silvertips, and many different powder loads to test on the truck. But, alas, someone took it. I don't know why I didn't have the idea for that test earlier. DAMN!!!

Anyway, I tested four modified XTPs today, one 200gr in the wax tube, one 200gr in water jugs, and two 155gr bullets in water jugs. The 200gr results were impressive to say the least, while the 155gr bullets will require some more fine tuning.

Modified 200gr XTP Wax Tube Test:

I started this project totally on a whim. I simply noticed that the Winchester Silvertip bullets were almost identical to the XTPs, except they had a deep hole down the center of the hollow point. I measured it, and replicated it in a 200gr XTP just for the hell of it. After thorough testing, this bullet is a monster!

The modified 200gr XTP has a hole drilled down the center of the longitudinal axis. The hole's diameter is 5/64", and the depth is about .330" from the tip of the bullet. A drill press would be ideal for consistency, but a hand drill has sufficed for me.

WOW! Recall that my goal was to combine a Silvertip's expansion with the XTP's affordability, rugged jacket, and availability. The picture says it all; I feel I succeeded, at least with the 200gr bullet. The best I can describe how this bullet looks, is maybe a hybrid of a Gold Dot and a Silvertip. This load consisted of Remington nickel brass, CCI 300 primers, 9.0gr 800-X, Hornady 200gr XTP, COAL 1.260", stock Glock 29 used.

Update: this load chronographed a 10-shot average of 1124fps on 8/4/11.

Max expansion registered .767", while minimum expansion stayed a respectable .705". Retained mass was excellent at 196.6gr. The bullet exhibited no jacket separation, and expansion was eerily similar to the hot, handloaded Silvertip. Penetration, at 11", ALMOST matched the normal XTP. Even so, 11" of wax penetration should equal 22+/-" in tissue/gelatin. So, a theoretical 22" of penetration, AND .8" of expansion!

I also tested a second modified 200gr XTP in water jugs. Remember, I tested one a few days ago that was awesome. This one disappointed. I was low on jugs, and it only had two jugs to rip through before burying itself in the ground. I think that caused it to not expand as far. Regardless, it still performed better than most factory 200gr XTPs. It showed a max expansion of .660", and a min of .594". Retained mass was 194.8gr.

I also videotaped this wax tube shooting, and I'll post it on YouTube in a minute. I'll place the link here, or you can just search for my screen name, Alphazuluz.

Pictures (left to right, factory 200gr XTP, modified 200gr XTP in water, modified 200gr XTP in wax tube, hot handloaded 175gr Silvertip in wax tube):

Modified 155gr XTP Water Jug Test:

I have been trying to get this "modification" to work with the 155gr XTP, but it keeps ending in what Mike McNett calls a "frag-nasty" situation. While it would make for one hell of a low-penetration, energy dumping round, it may not be perfect for SD applications. I still need to adjust the drill depth shallower. I believe the key will be a hole that barely penetrates the bullet.

Until it is sorted out, here is the data. Two rounds were tested, one was mostly recovered, of the other, only the core was recovered. The first was basically "frag-nasty", and the largest piece I found was the jacket. Total jacket separation occurred, and the core split into several pieces. I recovered a total mass of 124.7gr. Of the second bullet, I only recovered the core. It was heavily expanded to a max value of 1.007", and a minimum of .616". Without the jacket, recovered mass measured a disappointing 100.9gr. Both penetrated two jugs fully, the first entering a third. The second was only tested with two jugs, and was found on the ground behind the second jug.

I am still hopeful that I can fine-tune the depth of this modification to produce good results, but the short shank length of the 155gr bullet may not allow as much expansion as I'm looking for, at least without complete fragmentation.


Bullet 1

Bullet 2

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