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Originally Posted by tshadow6 View Post
What is the status of the IL CCW bill? The last I read, the bill failed to get a veto proof super majority by 6 votes. The bill was then pulled or shelved for some kind of reconsideration. Is there any new info? I'm hoping IL gets "Shall Issue" passed, just to tee off the gun grabbers.
It's not just about a veto-proof majority. It DOES have that effect also, but the reason for the 3/5ths majority votes is because it's preempts home rule. That means that no city - even Chicago - can make more strict rules than what's in the bill. In the IL Constitution, if you preempt home rule, you're required to get 3/5ths. That means 71 votes in the house and 36 in the Senate.

Last Thursday, the board was run up to 68 "Yea" votes, then, when it seemed it may not pass, some started pulling their votes. They "dumped the board" and requested Postponed Consideration. That means it's like the vote didn't happen at all. They now get to work on the members to try and wrangle the votes, and the deadline for action stands at 5/20/11 right now.
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