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Originally Posted by rfb45colt View Post
Just curious, and not suggesting this.... If the bill was re-written so it did not pre-empt home rule, could it then be passed with a simple majority? It seems like it's basically Chicago and Cook County that's holding up what the rest of the State wants. Only as a last resort, exclude them. Maybe when the rest of ILL gets rights that are withheld from Chicago residents, the sheeple there will wake up.
I've suggested the same thing, and nearly had my head ripped off by those in Chicago. My suggestion of "Just move if you don't like it it" would be hypocritical, since the same could be said of everyone in the state.

The other issue is, if you can't muster the votes to preempt Home Rule, you probably can't override the veto that the governor has promised, either.

The two lawsuits, though, may scare the state into passing the bill so they have SOME restrictions rather than letting the lawsuits go through have something like a Constitutional Carry declared by the courts. While this would be a FANTASTIC outcome, either option gets me the right to carry outside of my house.
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