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Streamlight ultra--Bat. maintence

A couple of years ago I bought a streamlight ultra from Express Police supply and the light stayed on the charger 80% of the time. When I did use the light the beam always looked kinda dim and brownish, defiantly not a white color.

I tried running it down, till completely dead and then charging it back up, but it still was looking like the Bat. was not fully charged when I used the light.

I now bought a new Battery from Express, and they sold me one made by "Interstate Batterys" . Currently the new Bat. is providing good light and good color.

My question is,,,, Should I run the Bat. down on a regular schedule and then do a full recharge. I'm thinking that the extended days on the charger did something to the Bat. and reduced the run time and light output when I needed it. After the first 6-8 months after I bought the light I was noticing the shallow performance of the Bat/light.

Any suggestions or advice. The first Bat. was a Streamlight Bat.
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