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Hey guys, I went to the gun show with high hopes of scoring some 135gr Noslers, 165gr Gold Dots, and maybe some others. Well, that didn't exactly work out. I did get some 180gr XTPs, which I promised to test next. I'll try to test a normal and modified 180gr XTP tomorrow, but it will likely be Monday since I have yet to melt the wax from the last tests (it is a long process).

Anyway, I actually kind of lied earlier when I said I didn't find any of those bullets. I did, in fact, find 5 great new bullets to test, but all but one were in loaded .40S&W cartridges. So, I bought them, and I'm now pulling the bullets to use in some hot reload wax tube tests. So, without further ado, here are the new stars for the next line of testing (likely to be done in the next week):

1. PMC Starfire - I saw a post from someone else who had used one of these in a 10mm loading, and it resulted in OVER 1" of expansion. I'm VERY interested!!! This is the .40S&W 180gr variety, but will be reloaded to hot 10mm spec, of course. I have 40 of them.

2. Nosler 135gr JHP - I found these as CorBon .40S&W 135gr JHP. They also had the 10mm version, but it was $3.00 more, so I went with the .40s since I was gonna pull the bullets anyway. CorBon hit these with a SERIOUS crimp. I hope that doesn't cause problems (see pic below). It deformed the bullet somewhat. The rest look fine after being pulled. I have 20 of these.

3. Speer 165gr Gold Dot - Ok, so I bought a box of 50 of these for only $2 more than the box of 20. However, I got home and started pulling them apart to find that there were only 4, count 'em FOUR, 165gr bullets in the whole box of fifty. The rest were 180gr Gold Dots. DAMMIT!!! I have FOUR of these, damn ammo switchers!

4. Speer 180gr Gold Dot - Well, I wanted to test the 180gr GD, too, but I was too cheap to buy a box of both, so I was actually happy when I found a few of these in my box of 165gr bullets. Not so much when I realized that 46/50 were 180gr bullets. I really wanted the 165s more. Oh well. I have 46 of these.

5. Drum roll please . . . Yes, coming very soon, will be the one, the only, the legendary, armor piercing (not really), cop slaying, surgeon glove tearing, too bad ass for the American public (at least in black teflon), 200gr BLACK TALON 10mm!!! - I was sifting through this massive pile of old-ass ammo some old-timer had (I swear I had to YELL at him to get him to even realize I was standing there). And there it was, a single box of 10mm Black Talon ammo. I picked it up, and immediately realized it was way too light. I thought for a minute it was just the box, but no, there were TWO rounds left. He sold me the box and two rounds for the substantial sum of $2.00. How could I pass that up, even if they were to just collect dust? I will likely shoot one, and save the other. So I only have ONE to shoot, unless I do something to mess it up, and then I'll shoot the other. I guess having a fired, mushroomed Black Talon is even cooler than having an unfired one, right?

Anyway, I will be testing the five above rounds loaded to max power in the wax tube. I will also test the 180gr XTPs first, since I know a lot of you have really wanted to see that one.

Please, if any of you can help guide me towards good max loads for any of these bullets, I would greatly appreciate it. I promise I will be safe, but I simply don't have enough bullets to do a full work-up (especially with the 4 165gr GD, and ONE BT that I'm willing to fire). Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you aren't comfortable posting it here, just PM me. I SWEAR, if I blow my hand off, IT IS MY FAULT. There, I said it in plain view for the world to see. Now, hook a brother up with some good Blue Dot, or preferably 800-X loads. Thanks guys, I can't wait for the results!!!



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