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Originally Posted by UneasyRider View Post
I have been looking at 3 types of solar cooking, the fresnel lens, parbolic cook top and solar oven. I am looking for anyone with practical advice on which one to do. Any input is appreciated.
I've never done it but ever since I saw a vid in my thread of that chick with the lens doing it I've wanted to try it. Seems like it'd be near impossible with anything portable/pocketable though from what I've seen. And lugging around a 3-4' wide lens isn't exactly practical for me. At that point I'd like to just start a fire and use that to cook with.

We'll see what people say.

EDIT: Seems that my thread on Fresnel lenses didn't survive so that link someone shared to the site that deals in bulk and huge lenses... that'd be cool to have again.


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