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Originally Posted by Rohniss View Post
Our CLC's this year were geared towards them.

Watching the video...


Read the Article too... Superb...

Like the Chief I might even like it if these bozos decide to come after me physically... My only concern is that they are like Super Zombies... No Hearts... Or Brains... 40mm time?

I deal with them in the Federal Buearu of Prisons. They are some of the most crying inmates I have ever seen. Although they are dangerous on the street. They normally don't come after you physically at first. They try to scare you into submission by overwelming you with a lot of fake forms etc. They even have filed UCC liens on GOV and prison officials thinking that will win their relese. They get 5 more years for doing it but they are all knuckle heads and think they are onto something.

If your department does not offer training on them I would recommend going somewhere to get some. A lot more people are "adopting" that ideology. And they are very dangerous.
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