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Originally Posted by mrsurfboard View Post
That's why I said a few over there, not most, all or any resemblance of the same. If you followed some of the anti cop, anti government posters over there, you would agree with me.
I agree with you.

Guys, it's a matter of survival, why let them stay on the street if there are good charges against them. Fraud comes to mind with the leins they do...

Lots of laws out there you can arrest a known dirtbag for... and if they resist... Happy Times...

I deal with them in the Federal Buearu of Prisons. They are some of the most crying inmates I have ever seen. Although they are dangerous on the street. They normally don't come after you physically at first. They try to scare you into submission by overwelming you with a lot of fake forms etc. They even have filed UCC liens on GOV and prison officials thinking that will win their relese. They get 5 more years for doing it but they are all knuckle heads and think they are onto something.

If your department does not offer training on them I would recommend going somewhere to get some. A lot more people are "adopting" that ideology. And they are very dangerous.
Yeah I'm pretty well versed in the Sovereign ****izen Movement... They've got a "church" round about these parts and are frequent guests at our establishment... Like I said the CLC's this year were about them, presented by DHS...

In my estimation they are traitors or a "mad dog" and need to be dealt with as such... But alas, its a kinder gentler country we have nowadays... even in Alabama... *sigh*
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