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Originally Posted by JK-linux View Post
I'll never understand why firearms horrify Chicago so much. . . .
The perhaps-facetious explanation is that Chicago is a wholly owned subsidiary of Organized Crime, and the last thing Organized Crime wants is armed victims.

This is in fact what was behind New York's 1911 ban on concealed weapons, the (in)famous Sullivan Act (still on the books, BTW) - Sullivan was a mob boss in NYC and also a state senator. His minions, who robbed citizens passing through Sullivan's territory on the way to and from ships at the docks, were facing increasing instances where their victims armed themselves for protection. In order to protect his thugs, and the income they provided to him, Sullivan introduced the law that disarmed the victims.

Now maybe Chicago is different. But their fanatic insistence on a disarmed populace, in the face of decades of overwhelming evidence from cities all over the country that armed, law abiding, citizens pose no threat to the peace, suggests that there are motives other than "public safety" behind Chicago's political stance.
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