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Most-used pan is a simple aluminum pan with snap-on lid, painted with high-temp flat black grill paint:
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Inside the pan, a cooking bag keeps the moisture contained. This is important on a flat-glass-top box cooker, as escaping moisture causes condensation on the glass lid, greatly reducing light entry and cooling the oven down below the cooking point. This is a ~3 lb roast, three potatoes, & half an onion. Usually add carrots, but for whatever reason, not that particular day:
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Four & a half hours at ~250 degrees that day; slow-cooked like this, the meat is almost literally too tender to cut. It almost falls apart with just a fork:
Survival/Preparedness Forum

I've been intrigued by the commercially-made box cookers, as they should be more efficient than my home-made, but never have taken the plunge on one yet.
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