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5/16/11. Started a new program. I'll put a link to it sometime. It is 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds rest for five sets of six different exercises. One minute rest between different exercises. Count reps. Today I did:

Goblet squats 45x16x16x14x13x13
Sand bag press x13x9x4x5x5
Pullups bw x5x4x3x3x3
Planks 5 sets
Box jumpsx8x7x5x8x9
DB Swings 45x11x7x5x6x4

On box jumps my calf caused excess pain again on the third set. I switched to unweighted step ups.

I am in such pathetic condition I had to break up four db swings over thirty seconds.
Todays workout..... Ball sits to failure.

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