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Uniform Press

Ok, so I am starting to get lazy when it comes to pressing my uniforms. I usually have to spend a few hours a month (I know, not that much time, but...) starching, ironing, and hanging my uniforms. I have gotten pretty good at it, but as I said, I am getting a bit lazy and am looking for a solution to this.

I am wondering if anyone knows of a product similar to those used by a dry cleaning facility. I want to be able to get all of my uniforms, spray the starch, and press them quick so I can get on with my life.

Any ideas that people here have used? Also wondering if there is something that i can use that is like a template to put into the trousers so I can keep the same crease and dont end up with the dreaded railroad tracks. Also hoping to find something similar for a shirt too.

Maybe this will help more than me!!!
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