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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
I have to chuckle at all the doom and gloom blood flowing preached by the Brady bunch that never comes to pass. Yet every time a pro bill comes up the MORONS try to use the idea that the same doom and gloom that has never happened is about to come to pass again. Irrational lying MORONS!
Ignoring reality is the very basis of the liberal mindset.

They are adept at creating new, irrational mindsets by buying the votes of the morons. Using the tax money extorted from the hard working to buy the very votes that are used to extort still more tax money from them.

Who are morons because they are taught that liberal lies are the "politically correct truth" by liberal, government teachers.

We need to tie payment of taxes in an Income Tax based system to the votes you may cast. Sure, retain "one man, one vote". But if you pay no taxes, one vote is all you get. You should be able to cast votes in direct proportion to the amount of taxes you pay.

We also need to get the Fed.Gov out of the business of Education. Eliminate the Department of Institutionalized Ignorance currently known as the Department of Education and stop taxing at the Federal level for any purpose of Education.

Allow that tax money to remain in the States is comes from. Return responsiblity for Education to the State and Local level where it belongs.
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