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Hey 10mm fans, I need help. I have the 180gr XTP results, and will have them here in about an hour, but for now, I need some advice. Let me know how hard you guys want me to drive these next few bullets when tested (165 & 180gr Gold Dot, 135gr Nosler JHP, 180gr Starfire, 200gr Black Talon). I had planned to go full-house on them, and still might, but after shooting a 180gr Gold Dot and Starfire at some jugs yesterday, I'm having some reservations (today's 180gr XTP test is also giving me second thoughts). I shot the 180gr GD and Starfire yesterday at jugs with a very hot load, and they basically vaporized. I didn't find the bullets, but found fragments everywhere. Today, I found what was left of the Gold Dot. I will weigh it soon and post the pics when I post the 180gr XTP info in a minute, but it looks shredded, and seems to be down to about 100-120gr. It just seems like the XTP and Silvertip are the only bullets that can handle real 10mm velocities.

Those two bullets (jug tests of 180gr GD and Starfire) were fired using 10.3gr of 800-X (.5gr below my personal max). I'm thinking about testing these bullets around 10.1-10.3gr in the wax tube. 10.1gr is Hornady's max for a 180gr XTP. What do you guys want to see? Hot, or full-house nuclear (at least as far as I'm willing to go)? Help me out and tell me how far to go. Just respond with either HOT or NUCLEAR.

I'm not sure how many people actually tune in to this thread, since it's not really a discussion type thread, but I hope I get at least a few responses. Even if no one was checking this stuff, I'd still keep doing it. I'm just worried that 10.8gr (or a similar max with the lighter/heavier bullets) is going to result in a "frag-nasty" splatter of lead. Let me know what you think. Don't worry about voting NUCLEAR, as my first priority will be to stay safe, so I'm not gonna go past anything I haven't already tested.
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