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Personally I find your "testing" interesting, but I don't think you should be going over published data with ANY of the loads, and to approach book max loads with caution, so my vote is for warm, NOT hot and to load up what is referred to as nuclear is just a matter of time and a blown gun waiting to happen.

The Hornady 7th gives a velocity range of 750-1450 fps for the 180 XTP and I would expect it to hold together better then the Gold Dot at 10mm velocity, while I find the high velocity results interesting, I'd also be interested in what kind of performance to expect at slower speeds, say 1000 to 1100 fps, which in my opinion would be a more practical speed for CCW application.

Same for the 155 and 200 gr. XTP which the Hornady 7th lists as 850-1300 and 700-1200 fps respectively.

My ability to "read" pressure signs from examining 10mm brass for signs of over pressure is about as reliable as my predicting the future with a WeeGee board, but what do I know I've only been around guns, reloading, reading and shooting for over 50 years and I've seen my share of blown guns and guy's leaving the range in an ambulance.

To maintain that the "Lawyers" are trying to take away all our fun with watered down reloading data is ridiculous, there is a reason for max loads, it's called pressure testing equipment, and it's greatly improved over the past 20 years, with the obvious prudent fudge factor being built in for the always present unpredictable variations.

Of course I recommend careful workups with book data and especially so if you're using bullets with differing bearing surfaces etc. The 200 gr. Black Talon for example, may or may not have the same pressure curve as a 200 gr. XTP

Interesting stuff by all means but I'd hate to see you or anyone else get the idea that going over book is a safe practice.

"Plenty of people play with fire. Some learn to stop, others are seriously injured and suffer through life."

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