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8.5 grains of 800x under a 180 gr XTP (WLP primer) chrony 1135 fps from my G20 so back off the usual adjustment for the G29.

As far as voting for the next projectile, my vote would be for a 165 grain Gold Dot at medium warm velocities 1300 - 1350. In my somewhat limited experience the 165 seems stouter than the 180. It looks beefier around the hollow point so it may be less prone to over expanding and breakup than the larger projectile. I think the 180 is designed to expand well at 40 velocities and seems less substantial at the nose.

800-x data will be scarce, but I imagine that a charge of 9.5 to 9.8 should get you in the ballpark. Of course, I would work up to that.

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