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Originally Posted by glock27ss View Post
You can't say something like that without elaborating on the subject and tell us all what happened.
I bought the .40 RAMI when they were first introduced. I was young and naive, believed the great review in the gun mag where the .40 RAMI was a breakthrough, 100% reliable and accurate as a full sized pistol.
Since I had a 97 and a 40P (1911 style grip frame) and was generally on a CZ kick, I expected the RAMI to be awesome.
The 9mm versions were generally good, the .40 versions like mine were not.
The first thing was gettting it to feed anything, it hated both JHP and FMJFP equally. Sometimes it'd get through a mag, but never twice in a row.
The slide did not like returning to battery, would stop about 1/4 inch short. Bump the slide and it would go. We (the shop and I) noticed frame 'chattering' marks approx where the lockup was, supected perhaps bad cam angle- which might have caused the out of battery thing....but it flat wouldn't feed with several types of ammo.

So, off it went to Kansas where ever cheerful Mike Eagleshield would hopefully correct it. CZ customer service was not good, no input on whether they had the gun, how long they'd keep it, whether it was under warranty (seemed a no-brainer), etc.

Gun came back 2mons later. First outing, jams. Two types of ammo. Mike had polished the feed ramp apparently, test shot with Fed 165 gr.
Shop provided same ammo, failed on second mag in their bullet trap.
Guys on CZ forum were experiencing same sort of problems with their RAMI .40, the gun was said to be a frustration for Mike at CZ USA....poor guy, it was frustrating owning one as well.

We ( shop guy and I) tried a few different spring sets in the gun as well, since Wolff didn't have anythig specific for the RAMI at the time. We found the Kimber Ultra Carry recoil springs helped a little with the slide returning, but we knew ultimately it didn't solve the problem with feeding and likely there really was something wrong with the cam angle and barrel lockup, given the frame rails were still getting chewed pretty bad from the slide after only 200 rounds.

I traded it off for a revolver.
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