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Originally Posted by Jitterbug View Post
You guy's think the "trickler" is worth it?

I'm using an empty .223 case filled with 800x and just tapping a bit of powder into the pan with it to bring it up to measure, works pretty good I thought, but maybe I don't know what I'm missing, and should invest in a "trickler" ??
I have the RCBS trickler and it is probably my favorite of the "optional" equipment that I own. For less than $15 it was a great buy. I have used all types of powders from 800-X to large stick rifle powders like IMR 4350. It works great - very easy to modulate.

However, I wouldn't worry about missing out on anything if your current process is keeping you happy. Some guys use an empty shotgun case with decent results too.
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