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Originally Posted by datnvan View Post
serious question for CHL holders:

i've had my chl for almost 4 years now. carried several different guns on different occasions but pretty much carried 100% of the time. all of my handguns have always been unmodified internally. neither the fire control group nor the triggers were ever messed with. and the reason i didnt mod them was to avoid any extra legal ramifications on top of trying to convince a grand jury my shooting a bad guy was justified.

does my concern have any validity? i'm in TX by the way.
The "sticky" thread also has references to at least two other threads which also provide good information. Reading the three threads will give you almost every possible viewpoint on both sides of the argument.

Something that is often overlooked, is how will a firearm modified outside of manufacturer recommendations and LEA standard practice be presented by a prosecuting attorney, and how will it be viewed by a jury, if your shot finds an innocent bystander.


Many (most?) lawyers will agree that castle laws which give immunity to a civil suit for failure to prosecute, or a criminal finding of "not guilty", will eventually be overturned on constitutional grounds. This is because the burden of proof is very different for criminal (reasonable doubt) vs. civil (preponderance of evidence) cases. And the government cannot grant immunity to a person from being sued by another as this would be violating the rights of the person (possibly) wronged. There just hasn't been a good case to "come along" to challenge the law.
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