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I carry the above mentionede 135 gr Gold Dot ammo in my J-frame. Shoots good, but it's sort of expensive for targets.

I haven't bought a box of factory .38 special ammo in many, many years. Maybe 20 or so? A friend gave me three boxes of WWB stuff recently that's loaded with lead round nose bullets, and it shoots well enough for the purpose.

But I mostly shoot handloads. Some years back, I bought a few 500 cnt boxes of Speer 148 gr HBWC's (bullets for reloading) from midwayusa, and they shoot good. Over the years, I've "aquired" a pretty good selection of bullets to use in .38 special loads, so I have all sorts of ammo on hand for it. Just have to keep them labeled so I know what's what.

My advice is to shoot what's cheap, save the brass, and start reloading. I seriously doubt you'll ever regret it.

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