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Originally Posted by datnvan View Post
serious question for CHL holders:

i've had my chl for almost 4 years now. carried several different guns on different occasions but pretty much carried 100% of the time. all of my handguns have always been unmodified internally. neither the fire control group nor the triggers were ever messed with. and the reason i didnt mod them was to avoid any extra legal ramifications on top of trying to convince a grand jury my shooting a bad guy was justified.

does my concern have any validity? i'm in TX by the way.
ABSOLUTELY it has validity! A jury is made up of people. They have biases, misinformation, media hyped memories and potentially jaded view of gun ownership. You get a prosecutor who can hype up your specially modified gun designed to ensure spectacular deaths with a head shot scattering brainmatter over the bodies of little children standing around.....And you are toast.

Your defense atty can logically explain in detail the depth of research you made about the parts installation to ensure the saftey of those around the perp.....But people are people, just take a look at how "hopey changey" got the great black dope elected.....But I digress....
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