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Originally Posted by macsimizer26 View Post
Yea i plan on saving my brass to reload, been doing so with my 40, 45 and 223, now how hard is this little sucker? becuz consensus seems to be the 442 has a very nasty kick and can wear out the wrist fairly quickly. Does bullet weight/jhp/fmj/swc have a major affect? I like pmc in my other calibers so ill def try that, havent shot any speer or gold dot, are they loaded "hot", and how does reg ol WWB work with this model?
bullet weight does make a difference the 130gr rounds I can shoot all day with almost no discomfort. I can even shoot 100-150 158gr ammo not as much fun or enjoyable but still can. +P I don't find enjoyable at all 50rounds and I am ready to put it up. I have no problem shooting my 686 357mag all day but man them +P 38's in a snubby buck harder in my opinion.
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