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Originally Posted by txinvestigator View Post
That is not accurate entirely accurate for Texas.

Here, if you met the justification in chapter 9 of the penal code then you are justified. Even if you use a bazooka and rail gun. (that does not account for the SEPERATE charge you could get for the possession of the bazooka)

Here, civil courts decide on their own regarding your justification. I don't know of a case where a modified trigger, in a justified self defense shooting, caused any problems. IMO, it really does not matter.
You assume a justified shooting. However, CCWers may occasionally negligently fire off a round in the Wal Mart or on the street, or maybe miss the bad guy and hit somebody else, or foolishly mess up a justified self-defense shooting by saying something dumb like "I didn't mean to shoot, I was only holding him at gunpoint" for an instantly unjustified shooting.

Those are the times when a modified gun, especially one with a lighter trigger, is a big, big problem.
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