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Originally Posted by tonyparson View Post
How about if you use JHP ammo instead of FMJ or you use +P+ ammo instead of standard ammo? I mean if you think about it the DA can say or use what ever he wants to try to sway the jury his way..
use of factory jhp has been addressed before and i feel 100% comfortable carrying any factory jhp. my primary sd ammo is speer LE gold dot 124+p. i also have several boxes of various other brand jhp. all readily available here in tx and all i wouldnt hesitate to carry. the problem i see is you alter the internal workings of the gun. things that the manufacturer did not want, if they did they would have made it that way. to a shooter they may be improvements, to a jury/DA they may be considered unecessary and excessive. probably wont come up in a criminal trial but chances are it may show up in a civil court. as with many other cases, you may be innocent in criminal court but guilty in civil court.

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