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I'm going to test one or two of the following in the wax tube tomorrow, let me know which you are most interested in seeing: 135gr Nosler JHP, 165gr Gold Dot, 180gr Gold Dot, 180gr Starfire, 200gr Black Talon. I have decided that the 180s and 200gr Black Talon will be loaded with a max book load according to Hornady's newest manual (either with Blue Dot or 800-X depending on which lists the best velocity). The 135 Nosler will likely be around 13.0gr of 800-X, and the 165 Gold Dot load has not been decided upon yet. I'm thinking that I'll do the 135gr Nosler last so I can combine all the wax from both tubes, and make an especially wide 6" tube, since I'm expecting it will result in a VERY wide, short wound channel.

Let me know which ones you guys want to see first!!!

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