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I don't even know where to start..

So today I was relaxing on the couch, checking out this fnp-45 on my laptop. When all of a sudden there's a knock at my door. It's a cop, to serve me with paperwork. Basically, my girlfriends older daughter doesn't like her mommy being with anyone or taking any attention from her. So she tells her daddy that I'm mean to her and I make her stand in the corner in time-out and so on.

So he's filed a restraining order against me on the childs behalf. Here's the messed up part. The cop tells me I'm going to court next month on this issue, and that he has to take posssesion of all my firearms and ammunition. He tells me the ammo will likely be destroyed for "safety reasons" and that I may or may not ever get the guns back.

He goes onto say " you know how you have a drivers license in this state? thats just like your guns, it's a priviledge." I'm so frustrated right now, I can barely think straight.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this before? I hope I'm posting in the correct forums and that people actually read this one.
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