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Originally Posted by 21Carrier View Post
I'm going to test one or two of the following in the wax tube tomorrow, let me know which you are most interested in seeing: 135gr Nosler JHP, 165gr Gold Dot, 180gr Gold Dot, 180gr Starfire, 200gr Black Talon. I have decided that the 180s and 200gr Black Talon will be loaded with a max book load according to Hornady's newest manual (either with Blue Dot or 800-X depending on which lists the best velocity). The 135 Nosler will likely be around 13.0gr of 800-X, and the 165 Gold Dot load has not been decided upon yet. I'm thinking that I'll do the 135gr Nosler last so I can combine all the wax from both tubes, and make an especially wide 6" tube, since I'm expecting it will result in a VERY wide, short wound channel.

Let me know which ones you guys want to see first!!!
For me, that's an easy answer: The BLACK TALON!! There are a lot of things to consider when deciding how much powder to stuff in that case, however, and some of that depends on the length of the bullet. How long is the bullet compared to, say, a 200gr XTP? If its shorter then its probably safe to load it the same way as your 200gr XTP max loads.... I realize you only have one or two Talons, though.

I'd personally be interested in seeing a test with 8.5-9.0gr of IMR-800X (new case, CCI300 or equivalent primer, 1.26" OAL, etc) That should get that bullet up and moving at over 1200fps (at LEAST, depending on pistol) and really show us how "tough" it is. Of course, it would probably be prudent to start at book max using 800X and work up.

The second choice would be the Starfire. I've actually done some expansion tests with a Starfire (in .45ACP many years ago) and it did, in fact, expand perfectly.
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