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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
You assume a justified shooting. However, CCWers may occasionally negligently fire off a round in the Wal Mart or on the street, or maybe miss the bad guy and hit somebody else, or foolishly mess up a justified self-defense shooting by saying something dumb like "I didn't mean to shoot, I was only holding him at gunpoint" for an instantly unjustified shooting.

Those are the times when a modified gun, especially one with a lighter trigger, is a big, big problem.
Not necessarily disagreeing, but how do you see missing the bad guy being any different with a modified trigger rather than a standard one? Or how does saying you didn't mean to shoot change your justification? What "big big problems" could that cause?

Again, if you are justified you are justified, regardless of trigger. If you are NOT justified then you are not. Having a super light trigger might cause you to fire when you shouldn't have, but that is no different than having your finger on the trigger when you should not and firing when you should not because of it.

If anyone has any examples of someone convicted because of a modified trigger. . .
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