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Lordy, lordy. Such a question. I started in 1970 with a badge and a wheel gun. I then spent 36 years of having a great time in service. On my last day, I hated to go but I had to admit that jumping fences and chasing bad buys down the street was not as easy as it used to be (although I learned years ago that I could streight arm and knock down most wooden fences in back yards).

I am sure that some people would tell you that I was over seasoned but anyone who has sat in a patrol unit for a while can tell you experience counts. I found I did not like "desks."

At one time, I was in a class where the instructor had everyone tell what they had done. I was about number 7. It was easy to say, "yep, I have done what they all said." It was a great ride and I worked with great people. I do not miss the Bravo Sierra.

Now, I am a "used-to-be." I like that just fine.
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