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Originally Posted by Ak.Hiker View Post
Back in the day Colt advertised the 38 Super as a field load. The 357 Sig. should be just as good or better. I would think that a good bullet like the 125 grain Gold Dot loaded to full power would do the trick on a deer. So would a 147 grain Gold Dot as loaded by Double Tap. I think that shot placement would be more of an issue with the Glock as a hunting gun than the ability of the caliber to put down game.
Agreed. I have always found it amusing how many folks feel that you really need something like the 7mm magnum to hunt deer. On the Hi Powers and Handguns website there are several stories of the author and website owner cleanly and humanely taking deer with a 9mm. This is nothing new at all. If the .357 SIG really does duplicate the .357 Magnum, then it should be plenty for deer. Know the limits of your handgunning skills and practice proper shot placement and I see no problem in it whatsoever. Unless of course, it is against the law in your jurisdiction.
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