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Originally Posted by txleapd View Post
There is a lot of experience/seasoning on CT. It's kinda hard to pick just one person.

This, To the OP, never make the mistake of equating years of service with seasoned or even competent. When I came on the job two of the officers with the most years of service (15 and 20 years respectively) were also the two most useless. They didn't have 15 and 20 years experience, they had one years experience repeated 15 and 20 times.

There are people that can learn how to be a good cop, there are people that seem literally born to do this job, they take to it like a fish to water and being a cop is not just a job or "what they do", it's what they are. Then there are those that if they stayed on the job for 50 years would still leave it without ever once being a good cop.

This board has a wealth of real "Seasoned" cops, many of them have many years of service while some have considerably less but still exhibit all the traits of a seasoned police officer.

In a medium like this those that have a gift for expressing themselves tend to stand out, but that does not mean they are more seasoned than many others. And those who are still on active duty have to be more restrained and watch what they say. While us old retired farts can say whatever we like.

That said there a those that I pay close attention to when they post, like seanmac45, series1811, SamSpade, SouthFla, Blueiron, CheifWPD, G27Chief, SAR, 4949, SwatBawana, are just a few.
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