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Been a cop for little over 21 years. Currently Patrol, On my 4th dept. in this time frame. all but 10-11 months has been for a PD, and I have served in Patrol, DARE/PR, CID(Detectives).
I do not consider myself seasoned or any other title except maybe a little arrogant and sarcastic to a few who I felt needed a shock of reality.
I try to help my fellow cops, and the best call I went on was where I took four people out of a burning house, they all were unharmed. One of the worst was a 11 year old girl that her dad had been raping her nightly for 2 years while mom was at work.
I have passed up a few jobs, offended several co-workers and let a few bosses know they should be charged for prostitution. Oh well, I still sleep well at night.
I have told my peers, bosses, and street contacts that I may offend them, but I won't lie to them...
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