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Individual Officer Taser Sales

So a quick backstory. My former department issued everything needed for duty ie G22, quality body armor, Colt AR, X26 Taser, all uniforms/equipment...

It's looking like I may be picked up by another much smaller department in the very near future that issues next to nothing in regards to equipment. I LOVE having the Taser option on my belt plus where I mount it on my belt makes for an excellent arm rest during field interviews. My question is, does Taser sell to individual officers or do you know of one of their distributors that does or is it a Taser policy that all purchases go to departments via official department PO or letterhead? (PS I'm not interested in one of the old M26 Tasers)

I would love one of their new X2's or hell, I'd go for a used X26 if the price was right and it was in good shape but I don't know how successful I'd be at convincing a new chief to order one for me even if I do incur all the associated costs.
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