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Originally Posted by DeerPredator View Post
The dog in my avatar picture is a full blooded pitbull and is one of the sweetest animals on this planet. I am a dog lover, and esp. Love pitbulls. However, I would shoot any dog dead where it stood if it attacked me, my loved ones, or my dog.

This story demonstrates very poor pet ownership responsibility. Pits are a breed that need to have a very strong pack leader and need to be exercised daily. I do both of those things for Ruger. I also believe NO dog should ever be let off leash in a public area, period. I do honestly think pitbulls get a very bad rep, but the ones in this story absolutely need to be put down.
Well said, the owner demonstrated poor judgement and should never had the three dogs in a public park unleashed. Even if the dogs had been on leash it may have been difficult to control three of that size. Many communities it is against the law to have a dog off leash in public.
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