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Some people use their pets to lash out at the world for life's difficulties. Having employment which creates the light bar to flash or deliver civil papers to people, you meet many dog owners. The vast majority of people and their animals are a joy to meet and I try to leave them both feeling comfortable about the unexpected visit. However, a few people want a large agressivess dog in their presence which also forces me to feel empathy for the animal having to live in the mud hole of life with only death to release them from their misery. Most dogs want desperately to give friendship to you. Have been almost licked and slobbered to death at times-that's fine. Resent people who will not train or care for their pets. The old saying is "Once an idiot, always and idiot." A few people prove it every day. Sitting here typing with one hand while the other is playing tug a war with the monster laying on my feet wanting to play with his toy. Love and care for the little ones and chances are they will assume most people also like kindness.

Retractable leashes work well for dog walks and control other peoples comfort when approaching your pet-use them.
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