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Originally Posted by Berto View Post
Yeah, it's who I thought it was.
I doubt he'll be in any trouble.
I live very close to where this happened as well and have talked to the shooter at a local gun shop before...
(He seems like someone who knows his way around firearm logistics)

The park where this happened is not an off leash park, but it is common for people to play fetch with their dog's off leash there.
It's assumed that people are in control of the dogs when off leash.
Having said that... The Pit Bull owner was just a typical idiot with dogs that shouldn't be off leash at a park like that at all.
No way... No how.
There's no reason in the world that he should have let his dogs out his vehicle at this park without leashes.
And yes, any locals here would say the "shooter" playing fetch with his dog was fine... Judegment call, but most wouldn't bat an eye...
3 pit bulls running off leash there?
That would have people asking the owner why he isn't at the big off leash park close by.
The pit bull owner was asking for trouble.
Just a typical young fool with pit bulls right out of "central casting"...
The reason so many good dog owners get a bad rap.
Scary to think of bullets flying around at a place like that...
Hope the shooter was fully aware of what was behind the dog at the time.
Lot's of traffic and people there.
Everything has to come from somewhere...
And somewhere is a part of everything.
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