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Just thought I'd add some new loads that I just made that I REALLY like. Joey, this first will help you, also see my post at the top of page 3 for a very accurate max Blue Dot/155 XTP load. All fired from my stock G29.

Awesome Blue Dot/155gr XTP load:
Federal brass
CCI 300
Hornady 155gr XTP
Blue Dot 12.0gr
COAL 1.260"

Awesome target load, medium recoil, low flash for BD, very well might be the most accurate load I've ever shot (or maybe I'm just getting better!).

Unique/180gr FMJ target loads

Fed. brass
CCI 300
Unique 7.0gr
Magnus 180gr FMJ-TC
COAL 1.260"

VERY accurate, nice shooting, low-mid recoil round

Also, for even softer rounds, use either 6.0 or 5.5gr of Unique, with the same recipe. These are all very accurate, nice shooting rounds. The 5.5gr load is like a mild .40S&W (this load can be a little smoky). I made these so my girlfriend could shoot without scaring the holy hell out of her, but I have a feeling that they will become regular range fodder. It seems I've gotten all the nitrous oxide out of my veins, and my quest for 10mm horsepower is subsiding. I'll still shoot the hot stuff AT LEAST 50% of the time, but I forgot how nice it was to just shoot some light, fun stuff, and focus on technique.

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