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Does your wife think like this?

Yesterday, I was taking a break from doing yardwork. I was sitting in the den with my wife, having a glass of water and flipping through the channels.

We here about five or six shots, from what I assumed to be a medium caliber pistol, followed by one heavier report. I opened the back door and ran to the privacy fence. I climbed up the fence to look towards a nearby movie theater parking lot and apartment complex as it appeared that was where the shots came from. I didn't see anything so after about two minutes, I came back in.

My wife told me there was something wrong with me and my instincts were "*******ed" if I ran towards the shots. I told her I was looking to 1- make sure the situation wasn't heading our way and 2- trying to see if I could see a car or person fleeing the area in case it was the offender trying to get away.

We have been together 20 years and she still doesn't get that that response is part of what I do?

ETA- this is what caused the tumult.
"Some people learn by words, some people learn by consequences, some people can't learn." CNS

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