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Please name me one case, where a gun trigger mod, turned a legal self-defense from legal to illegal?
Stawman Alert (again)! As has been pointed out numerous times by folks who have actually done it, a modification is is not going to be the independent cause of a conviction, nor will it impact the actual law of self-defense. However, it can be one variable among many, and it is a variable where the cost almost always outweighs the benefit.
I'm not aware of one state that has a law on gun modifications and that includes Florida. If gun mods where illegal than night lights, size of caliber, magazine capacity, glow in the dark sights, CW gun training, tactical pants and every thing in between, could be questioned.
Actually you sort of prove the point, as some of those items and others like them have been an issue at various criminal and civil trials over the years and have been questioned. Fortunately most of them are easy to defend as normal and accepted modifications. The real problem is those modifications that are not within the normal and accepted realm, or those that are specifically recommended against by those in the field.

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