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Some dont realize that us in Law Enforcement arent like normal people. Normal people go "away" from shots fired, but we are of a different breed, we gravitate towards trouble. Several years ago on Valentine's Day my wife had to bring the church copier machine(very large) to a repair shop about 30 minutes away so I was off and said I'd go along for the ride and take her out to lunch, since it was Valentine's day. Well we picked up the copier in her new Toyota Sienna(V6 266 hp), seatbelt the copier in it. We're driving through a local city and we're stopped at a traffic light when 2 cars in front of us I see a passenger side door open the Yukon SUV starts to go forward and a female jumps out of the moving vehicle screaming,"help, help, call the police, help, she falls and hits her head. My wife says, " Are you gonna do something?" LOL, I start to get out to assist when the female jumps up and jumps into another vehicle with a bewildered driver ,lol. The Yukon takes off, the female takes off, I dont know what we got here, whether it was a domestic, an abduction or maybe an assault but something just isn't right. I get back into the Sienna and tell my wife who is driving,"Follow that Yukon!" While she is following it I immediately have the local PD on the phone, identify myself, tell them what occurred and our direction of travel. Dispatcher tells me to stay with the suspect vehicle. Ok, my wife is listening pretty good and is following the Yukon, the Yukon is going through parking lots, avoiding traffic lights, running traffic lights and we are safely behind it. Then the dispatcher wanted the plate #, so with my cop humor, "Honey, can you speed it up a bit so I can see the plate?" Now the Yukon finally realizes that we are following him and starts accelerating( but there was no way he was going to outrun that damn mini van,LOL), I'm still on the phone with the PD, we actually drove right past their HQ, still no marked units. Finally what seemed like eternity I can see the first unit coming up behind us, tell the dispatcher that we are just in front of it, we pull to the shoulder and let it by. PD unit does the stop, I assist the Sgt with the stop. Turns out it was a domestic, the BF had smacked the GF, the GF had jumped out, BF panicked because he was on probation and took off. 2nd unit arrived, I'm good to go, as I am walking back to the Sienna, my wife is on her cell phone talking to a co worker, practically hyper ventilating,lol, I hear her say, "And- he- told- me- to -go- faster!"lmao. Needless to say, she admitted that she doesnt know how I can do things like this, be calm like they are "normal" incidents. I explained they are normal things to a police officer, we help those who need help. Needless to say, it was a Valentine's Day that she will never forget. And the copier machine made it to the repair shop in one piece. lol
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