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When Secure Communities was rolled out ICE said that the response would prioritize threats to national security and public safety. NOWHERE did anyone say that low-priority illegal aliens that were encountered through the use of this program would be ignored or get a free-pass.

For the states and agencies that are all upset about it there's a real simple solution: Don't submit fingerprints to IAFIS. Problem solved.

Another 29, 296 of the deportees hadn't been convicted of any crime, however.
The moment ICE puts a detainer on most of these crooks, the local DA "No Complaints" the case and they get turned over to ICE (without a conviction necessary to guarantee deportation) which means they tie up resources going to a hearing before an Immigration Judge even if the arrest that brought them to ICE's attention is a serious felony.

Last week, San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessy said that as of June 1, he would no longer cooperate with ICE to facilitate the deportation of low-level offenders and those who have no criminal record. He said Secure Communities had a chilling effect on immigrants who witness or are victims of crime. "Crimes go unreported—and this affects everyone, citizens and noncitizens alike," he said.
How is it that this ******-bag decide which laws he will follow?
Hennessy has now chosen ignore his own state's law as well as federal law.

If people really knew what was going on...
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